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Media Buying 101 (Fundamentals + Facebook Ads)

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This course tackles the fundamentals of media buying giving you a structured approach to be able to learn and actually have the theory tested on the industry that you are in. Perfect for: - Fresh grads who wants to pursue a media buying career - Career shifters who wants to pursue media buying - Full-time corporate employees who wants to pursue Freelancing - Business owners who wants to create more sales for their business. Duration: 3 Hours Introduction to the course - What you will learn - Expectation Setting - What is Digital Marketing - What is Digital Media Buying? - Types of Media Buying - Importance of Media Buying For Business - Salary/Compensation Ideas of a Media Buyer - Where to get media buying jobs? - Digital Marketing Fundamentals - Understanding as business from a Marketer’s Perspective - Introduction to Facebook Ads - Different Types Of Objectives - Gathering Assets for Campaign Launching - Types of Creative Format That You Can Use - What is Copywriting - What is a Call-To-Action? - What is a Facebook Pixel? - How to install a Facebook Pixel? - Setting Up Your First Campaign - Understanding Marketing Metrics - How To Take Action Based On Marketing Data - Discovery, Planning, Presentation, Execution (DPPE Method) - Marketer’s Thought Process - Working Process - Guide to getting your first job as a media buyer - Utilizing Free Resources From This Course Included: - Exclusive Discord Server Soon! - Live Speaking Engagements with Co-Mentees and Zack Briones (Date for confirmation when topic is also confirmed) Zack Briones has over 8+ years experience in digital marketing and has over $3M in advertising spend which produced results for clients that he has handled both local and international.



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