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Historia De Las Ideas Politicas Jean Touchard Pdf 26

the idea of fraternity or brotherhood, as part of the national character, is manifested very clearly in the letters of the alsacian socialist émile zola, in the book la bête humaine (1890), to be contrasted with the heroic, national impulses represented by the rival nationalist center of france in the trenches of the war against the prussians in 1870.

Historia De Las Ideas Politicas Jean Touchard Pdf 26

leaving aside the romantic in romanticism, and the political in politics, it's not hard to see a very clear connection between the deutsche theorie and the way the ideas of the french revolution worked. both, the deutsche theorie, with its focus on the national, the racial and the particular, and the french revolution, with its centralism, its encouragement of the (counterrevolutionary) will of the nation, are in the same historical context. as we can read in the theorie politique and in the correspondence between marx and engels, all the german social philosophers of the time, from f. liebig (1803-1873) to a. wagner (1851-1919), considered the legitimacy of the two main experiences of the french revolution as a central reference for the interpretation of the world. in the deutsche theorie, the main drive is the protection of the development and the welfare of the volksgemeinschaft. in the french revolution, the main focus was and is the perfection of the citoyen, citoyenne and of the particular interests of the citizen. the production of happiness and welfare is undoubtedly the goal of the modern nations and their constitutions.

the same centralism, the same central focus, for the french revolution, is also reflected in the case of the new conservatism as well as in that of the left, with the international. in the case of the new conservatism, the national will is the expression of the wishes of the smaller groups of nation-building, of those who make up the nation.

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