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Best Buy Didn T Receive Package !EXCLUSIVE!

The package was supposed to arrive on Saturday, September 5, and the tracking tool says that it was delivered, but I never received it. What should I do? I looked it up several times, but it was nowhere to be found.

best buy didn t receive package

Today I wake up to a notification saying it had been delivered! Great news, didn't expect it this early. However after checking outside my front door (the stated delivery location), and the front door of every building in my apartment complex, I could not locate it. Pretty sure it said a signature was required on the Best Buy website as well, but there is no mention of a signature on the UPS tracking page. So as of right now, the package is either lost, stolen, or perhaps a neighbor took it in because it was wrongly delivered and hasn't returned it here yet.

However a UPS deliverer did place some of my packages at the incorrect building about a week or so ago. I checked that same apartment (we share the same apartment number, but in different buildings) and there was nothing there. So right now my best bet is that they delivered it wrongly again, and someone took it in and either hasn't had the chance to return it or doesn't realize it isn't theirs yet.

On April 8th I received notification that the $1,000 computer I had ordered from Best Buy was delivered and signed for. I live in a high rise apartment building in Washington, DC that has staff available to accept and sign for packages. Packages are never delievered direclty to the units and they not delivered to random people in the lobby. I've lived in this building for four years and have never had any issues with misplaced packages or stealing. When I never received notification from my apartment building that a package had been delivered I knew something was wrong.

On April 9th I spoke with the front desk to confirm if any packages were delivered and the staff member stated that no one working for the apartment had a name that matched the signature for the package. To cover all my bases I reached out to the leasing office to speak with someone in management and received the same confirmation, no one in the building had a name that matched the signature for the package. It was at this point I believed the package was misdelievered.

Initially I reached out to FedEx to submit a claim. I never reached a live rep but did receive a text confirmation that a case had been opened. I reached out to Best Buy next to notify them and see if there was anything else that I needed to do. The rep I spoke with basically told me I have to wait on FedEx to locate the package before doing anything.

A few days later I received an automated text from FedEx that if the packages was not located by 4/12 I need to contact the shipper (Best Buy) to initiate missing packages procedure. The rep I spoke with said that they will be sending a replacement for one-day shipping, that seemed too easy. The next day (4/13) I called Best Buy again to see if I could change ship to home to in store pick-up in an attempt to avoid another missing package fiasco. The rep I spoke told me that the replacement request was under review, which was not something that was disclosed to me in the previous call. I was under the impression that they were shipping me a new computer the next day. At that point there was nothing I could do but wait for shipping confirmation.

Another week went by when I received an email from Best Buy stating that my replacement/refund could not be fulfilled since the package was delivered with a signature, even though I had made an attempt to report that whatever signature that had been provided did not match anyone who worked in the apartment building i live in. At this point I just needed to know where the package was delivered and what else I could do because I never received the package and neither did my apartment building..

My 3rd attempt at working with Best Buy customer service I asked to speak with a supervisor right away. He had to review my previous calls first, understandable. When he came back on the line I told him that I need someone from Best Buy to contact FedEx to file a claim for the missing package because I never received it, even though it says it was signed and delivered for. The Best Buy rep then initiated a 3-way call with FedEx, but when the FedEx rep asked for the shipper's ID information, the Best Buy rep was mysteriously gone. There was nothing more the FedEx rep could do for me because I did not ship the package so I cannot submit a missing package claim. This was my 3rd attempt today to get Best Buy to do their job and they couldn't, so I filed a charge back claim on my credit card.

On 07/08/2021, To my surprise, I received an email saying that the package has been delivered late at night. But I have never received anything, and I was home all day long. I looked at the tracking page, and It showed that the package had been signed, although there is no image or proof of signature. Ever since the pandemic started, I have never once been required to sign a package, and it's extremely odd that they do not have evidence of the signature as they otherwise would. I find this odd, but I decided to wait another day just in case.

Finally, I decided to contact the courier, and they told me that, "We normally conduct an investigation on our end when the package is missing. However, your sender RESTRICTED FOR US TO INITIATE ANY INVESTIGATION ON THEIR SHIPMENT. Shippers are also encouraged to report lost packages so that they can provide the specific product details needed to perform a thorough investigation." UPS told me to contact the sender again and ask them to cooperate with them directly. Then I was told by Bestbuy to wait AGAIN. I'm starting to think that BestBUY only wants to lure time in case the investigation begin and they somewhat find the package, It will no longer be returnable and I will not receive my money back. Which is why they continues to lie when they told me they have already initiated an investigation, because in truth, they never did cooperate with the courier UPS, And i have all evidence needed to prove that since i have contacted UPS a couple of times, through phone and live chat.

07/30/2021, I CONTACTED BESTBUY ONE LAST TIME AND WAS TOLD THAT, "The investigation was done, We have created refund request for order# removed per forum guidelines, but it is declined from carrier team( UPS)". I TRIED TO CONFIRM THIS by contacting UPS and ask whether this is true, but they said, "Carmela D: 'I know that this really frustrating. As I checked the tracking number we have not received any investigation filed. There is no report directly filed that package was missing or investigation has been filed." And "Carmela D: My apology for that information provided. We have not received a request place directly online or directly thru their account. I understand that you are speaking right now with a representative from best buy. Please advise them to check with their claims and file a claim directly online."

Welcome to our Best Buy Support Forums. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your experience with your recent order. I can understand having a package show as being delivered when you didn't receive it, is an unwelcome situation. I'd like to take a look into this with you.

To resolve the issue, I would like a full refund of the purchased laptop which is $3247.49. please advise. I went to the best buy weather ford store and there I was notified that best buy has reasons to believe I have the package which seems preposterous and to be frank a little insulting, and with this month-long of stress and after consulting the local law enforcement and my embassy, after they saw all the proof I had which includes emails from UPS stating that they delivered it to the wrong address, also footage of the ups personnel never arriving at my front door on July 8th, 2020 or any other day with the package and the best buy representative telling me that its the ups fault and not mine what so ever, they advised me to settle it on the court, but the customer service at the Weatherford store advised me to contact you guys first and provided me the link to do so. waiting for your reply.

I didn't go ahead and bought the laptop without paying the money and told you guys to contact my bank for it. I paid the money to you guys, with all due respect being a student here with limited funds I cannot just lose 3200 dollars and be okay with it. your employees at Weatherford saw all the proofs, this is just a blatant response with being a loyal best buy consumer i never thought i would be treated like this

Six months later and my case was resolved. I initially attempted to fix it here on the forums, but the reps were powerless to do anything. The forum reps were terrific, and I realize it's not up to them. They reinforced that the investigation was finalized.The entire "investigation" is nebulous, and no one could offer a way to appeal the decision or provide further insight. The best I was told is that the decision not to refund or replace was not made lightly, and the matter was closed. I contacted the BBB, ConsumerAffairs, and my state Attorney General. None could help, and BBY was adamant that they couldn't do anything more. I then initiated a dispute with my credit card issuer. A temporary credit was issued while they investigated, and after six weeks, BBY responded that the package was delivered. In the meantime, I was in touch with the executive office of the shipping carrier. They sent me a letter detailing the delivery record and information that only BBY could take action. They confirmed that no investigation or lost package tracer was ever filed. So if BBY never contacted the carrier, what did they investigate? It seems the investigation was a rep checking the tracking, and seeing it marked as delivered is the scope of how they investigate. Armed with this compelling evidence, I submitted this to the bank, and they again charged back the transaction. The next step was arbitration which the bank and I were prepared to do.BBY came to its senses and decided not to pursue arbitration and instead decided to "accept financial liability for this transaction." In the end, I won! I wrote to BBY to have my account restored, it took them about five weeks, and they emailed me that I could resume placing orders and that the stolen package matter was considered closed. Although I will never order from BBY again, it was mainly a matter of principle to have my account reinstated, and my name cleared. Thank you. 041b061a72

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