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A lotion is a smooth liquid designed to be applied to anyparts of the skin. It's one of the few things that people can use to pamperthemselves. It moisturizes the skin, replenishes rough spots, and makes yourskin look healthy and glowing. Body lotions can also be used daily in a varietyof purposes that benefit users in specific situations.


Due to its powerful properties, lotions have become one ofthe most top-selling essentials in the market. However, not all lotions providethe nourishing effect to the skin as some may contain too many syntheticmaterials that are relatively not safe to use. This is where we step in andhelp you in choosing natural products.

Our unscentedlotion base is made up of naturally derived ingredients and includes fractionatedcoconut oil, cocoabutter, aloe Vera and vitamin E. Allyou need to do with the lotion base is add your own essential oils, herbal extractsor color pigments in order to createyour customized products.

You do not have to necessarily add anything to ourunscented lotion base. It is already full of natural ingredients that are greatfor your skin, however, if you are looking for something that is tailored to acertain skin condition or requirement that you have such as, a tinted productor simply want something that has a nice smell to it, then adding additionalingredients is the way to go.

Adding ingredients is not something that has to be done, itis more of personal preference. There may be beauty products in theshops that you love the smell of, but you are wary of the ingredients listed onit. By purchasing our unscented lotion base, you are able to then make anatural product that smells similar and is fully customized to yourpersonal needs.

Powdered Mica Colours: If you are looking to make a tintedmoisturizer then using a powdered micacolor is the way to go. It is a good idea to first add the powderedmica color to liquidglycerin to help it disperse through the lotion properly.

Stick to small amounts of oils or powdered products to keepthe consistency of your lotion. The suggested usage rate is 0.5% - 1% of yourown additives into the lotion base to make a facial lotion and 1% - 2% to makea body lotion or a foot butter.

Add shea butter and coconut oil in a desired container.Bring 2.5cm of water to boil in a small vessel. Place the desired containerinto the water and simmer until oils have melted together. Remove from heat andallow to cool. Then, add in and stir for 2 minutes the olive oil and lavenderessential oil together until it becomes solid. Move the mixture to a pan andwhip it using an electric mixer until it becomes solid enough like the textureof a lotion.

Enriched with emollients, the Lotion Base is perfect for creating excellent quality light texture lotion with smooth skin feel. This base is easy to process and allows for COSMOS & RSPO certification, vegan and cruelty-free claims. This product can be further personalised by adding up to 0.5% of organic essential oils.

GMP applies to companies manufacturing finished products. As a supplier of ingredients and bases, this does not apply. Stephenson holds ISO 9001 Quality Certification and supplies companies that have GMP certification.

No, we are a speciality base supplier, we manufacture and ship soap bases and other product bases that are converted by our customers into finished products. Typically our bases make up around 80-99% of a finished product.

Lye (also known as Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide) is the material that is used in making all of our soaps. Solid soaps (Crystal Melt and Pour range or Extruded soap bases) use Lye from Sodium Hydroxide, while Stephenson Liquid soaps use Lye from Potassium Hydroxide. We use Lye to saponify oils and/or fatty acids to produce soap. Once the soap is produced, all the lye is used up during the saponification reaction and so there is none left in the final product.

The main difference between fragrance oils and essential oils is that fragrance oils are manufactured in a lab and essential oils are made of natural materials. Due to their natural properties, essential oils can have an impact on the stability of your product and cause hazing.

Are you a budding skincare and cosmetic company looking for a dedicated beauty product supplier? At Making Cosmetics, we are proud to offer several products for skincare companies including our wide selection of cream lotion bases. Each of our bases is carefully crafted to contain specific nutrients which aid in a variety of skincare goals. From eye creams to body butter, we have the best selection for your cream lotion bases, which you can easily make your own. The cream bases are formulated specifically to allow the addition of additional active ingredients so that the cream does not separate. However, we recommend not to exceed a total of 15% (weight percentage) of additional ingredients, otherwise the base becomes very thin. If you still want to add more up to 20% or even 25% you'd have to add a thickening emulsifier like GelMaker EMU to prevent the base from separating and getting too thin. Making Cosmetics offers cream lotion bases for specific skin care goals, as well as sample kits so that you can determine which base will best complement your beauty line. Every base option comes in a variety of size options so that you can get a small amount for samples and larger sizes for bulk orders. If you have questions on any of our skincare or cosmetic products, including bases and packaging, contact us today.

Function: This silky body lotion base is rich in organic green tea extract and a blend of organic herbal extracts that help to smooth and protect the skin. It's gentle ingredients make it good for sensitive skin. Suggested Products: Can be used in various products such as body lotions, night creams, hand creams, body creams, body masks, body scrubs, massage creams, and foot creams. Solubility: Oil and Water Soluble Usage Range: 90-100% of your formula.

Jade Bloom's lotion base is the perfect start to your DIY project. This comes in a 2-ounce glass jar that is perfect for keeping in your purse or bag. Feel free to add essential oils to this base for an even more lotion that could lift your mood, disinfect, heal skin and more. We would love to hear what you create with this product. The possibilities are endless!Benefits:

Hypo-allergenic. A supremely effective carrier lotion formula utilising Peach Kernel oil and conditioning botanicals of Goldenrod and Rose Mallow to nourish, soothe and soften skin. Rapidly absorbed and non-greasy, this versatile lotion can easily accomodate the addition of both essential oils and vegetable oils.

Hypo-allergenic A light lotion with a lavish, silky feel that penetrates quickly leaving skin feeling soft , smooth and supple. Contains Coconut oil plus conditioning botanicals of Goldenrod and Rose Mallow to soothe and pamper skin. Read More

Hypo-allergenic Protect against moisture loss with this velvety smooth lotion that offers essential daytime defence whilst promoting a fresh, radiant complexion. Enriched with soothing and softening botanicals of Goldenrod and Rose Mallow, plus moisturising Jojoba oil that closely resembles the skins own natural lubricant. Read More

"It is so much easier than you would think to make a simple lotion," says Jana Blankenship, product formulator and founder of the natural beauty brand Captain Blankenship. In fact, you only need three measly ingredients: a carrier oil (think jojoba, coconut, almond, etc.), a liquid (rosewater, aloe, or some distilled H2O), and wax to hold it all together.

For a lightly fragranced moisturizer, you can, of course, use any essential oil blend you please (Blankenship favors chamomile, lavender, and juniper berry for a fresh scent), but a rose-scented lotion is subtle and relaxing. Try this lather below.

Creating your own lotion is as simple as combining oil-based ingredients and water-based ingredients (that's what all moisturizers are, anyway!). Whether you keep it basic or add in some fun extras, each cream coats your skin with healthy ingredients and keeps water locked in. And if you'd rather skip the DIY and purchase a bottle? Well, these clean body lotions always have you covered.

Description: Lotion Base - High Viscosity by Stephenson Personal Care is a cosmetic base cream made with sunflower seed oil that is naturally rich in Vitamin E. Lotion base is a finished product and ready for use, with the option of formulating in your preferred additives such as coloring, fragrance or essential oils to give off a desired aroma.

This base only requires the addition of Organic fragrance or essential oils in order to create a Organic end product. It is suitable for all skin types and is enriched with nourishing emollients.Simply add, your chosen oils and mix well. Pour into your chosen container and your lotion is ready to use!

Direct replacement for the S.A. Organic Lotion this Cosmos Fragrance Free Certified Organic Lotion Base is also a ready to use base that is a blend of Organic Certified Sunflower, Coconut & Apricot Kernel Oils enriched with Organic Certified Shea Butter & Aloe Vera.

Making natural creams and lotions could not be easier or more affordable! Create up to 6 different products simply by adding warm distilled or deionized water! Our multi-use cream base can also be colored with soap Coloring, and fragranced with body safe fragrances. When using fragrances in the multi-cream, we suggest using 1-3% fragrance in your finished product.

Precaution: The percent of Germall Plus in our multi base is effective for the dilution rates we discuss. Some customers desire to add extra Germall Plus to the lotion spray, but according to the chemist, the recommended percent is only .1 to .2%.

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. SOPHIX NATURAL is not responsible for products you create from our bases. 041b061a72

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