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Fire In The Phoenix Song Free Download _VERIFIED_

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Fire in the Phoenix song free download

Their tears had potent healing capabilities. For instance, phoenix tears were the only known antidote to basilisk venom.[10] Their tears were also able to bring a person back even from the brink of death,[10] while the phoenix song would increase the courage of those who were good and struck fear into the hearts of those who served evil.[2]

The phoenix could also disappear and reappear at will in bursts of flames and take whoever was holding them along, similar to Apparition.[12][13] Phoenix song also had a deep emotional impact, magical in nature and able to provide support and comfort.[10][14][3]

Fire appeared to have an unknown but profound effect on phoenixes, as Gellert Grindelwald was effortlessly capable of instantly turning a baby phoenix into a full adult by conjuring fire from his hand and setting the baby bird ablaze, from which it emerged as a full adult after being briefly covered by the flames, although by all fairness, Grindelwald was an immensely powerful wizard who was extremely skilled in Wandless magic and fairly apt at handling magical creatures.[5] Nevertheless, considering a phoenix's fire-related powers, it was likely that fire could be used to strengthen them. Phoenixes also burst into flame when they disapparate and on Burning Day, before they emerge from their ashes as a newborn.

Fawkes was also used as a communication between his master and the Order of the Phoenix.[12] Fawkes assisted Dumbledore in fighting Lord Voldemort and protected the headmaster from a Killing Curse.[11] After Albus Dumbledore's death, Fawkes performed a mournful song that seemed to feel like it is inside the listener, and was dubbed by wizards as the "Phoenix Lament". After the song was completed, Fawkes departed Hogwarts as a free phoenix, and was never heard from again.[3]

Albus Dumbledore had many connections to the phoenix, starting with his phoenix companion Fawkes, along with his phoenix Patronus.[7] He named his anti-Voldemort organisation the Order of the Phoenix after Fawkes.[20] The old wizard was also shown to have an unusual affinity for incendiary magic; he could conjure flames which did not burn,[21] summon a lasso of fire with which to subdue foes,[11] and even produce Gubraithian or ever-burning fire,[22] a highly advanced and rare ability. Indeed, one of the last and greatest spells Albus ever performed was the Firestorm, which he used to fend off the Inferi.[23] Finally, Albus had sought immortality in his youth. But once he matured, and in much the same way that a phoenix keeps living on after its death, Dumbledore would come to adopt the great personal belief that death was nothing more than "the next great adventure".[24]

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