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The Ultimate Guide to Alien Shooter 2 Conscription: Features, Tips, and Tricks

Alien Shooter 2: Conscription features over 40 levels in the game. Each stage takes place in a full 3D environment and features fast-paced gameplay along with a diverse set of weapons and grenades. If you enjoy a fast-paced shooting game with intense difficulty levels, then Alien Shooter 2: Conscription is sure to provide a unique gaming experience. Alien Shooter 2: Conscription is available via Steam, Desura and DRM Free.

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You're invited to the ultimate battle between your enemy and you in the first new Alien Shooter game in 8 years! Travel the world to the mysterious planet of Zerich to face off against the alien forces' elite battlesuit and "War-Machine-Warriors". All of these Tophat's minions along with the Infidels are serving evil plans for controlling our world and it's your duty to stop them once and for all! Alien Shooter 2: Conquest is available via Steam, Desura and DRM Free.

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In this sequel to the first installment of Alien Shooter, the player can acquire a large number of weapons, gadgets and equipment. The game takes place on Earth in 2104. The main character, assisted by a cybernetic robotic body, is a direct successor of the original Alien Shooter, James Heller, starting a new adventure in a cyber world with you the player playing as an "experienced" James Heller from the first Alien Shooter game. Alien Shooter 2: Apocalypse is available via Steam, Desura and DRM Free.

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