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Cross Dress Awakening For She-Cock (Shemale Stories) I woke up Friday morning so horny I had to jump in a cold shower. Last night I promised myself that tomorrow I would go get my ass fucked by a shemale...Part 1, Part 2

sexey shemale storeys

My First Time With A Shemale (Shemale Stories) I have been having dreams about going with a shemale for a long time. Then I grow some balls and searched the internet for one, found a stunner and...Continue reading

Another Meeting With My "Chick With A Dick" (Shemale Stories) I tried to avoid my "chick with a dick" but I found myself returning to the place she had worked hoping to see her again. I asked a girl that worked there...Continue readingSucking "HER" CockThe thought of sucking a dick didn't appeal to me at all. I went out with a girl that turned out to be a shemale with a beautiful face, body and large...Continue reading

Alessia Travestita (Real Porn Star Ashemale, Pornhub and Hamster) meets a big dicked man in Vegas for sex and fun. They are both smoothly shaven, big cocks, very oral and insatiable sex drive. Alessia gave me her background she is on Flkr I saw her immense thick cock. She requested some of the acts in the plot. I created Robert and the setting.

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Online since 1999, GayDemon Story Library supplies all users with the best gay erotica with a transgender focus you can read for free. In case there's a short story or a novel you like, you can also download it, also free of charge. The vast archive we host contains something for everyone, and if it's tranny sex you want to read about, these stories will deliver. Please bear in mind that these gay sex stories are the creation of their respective individual authors who choose to upload them here. We ask you to be respectful of their copyright and obtain the writer's consent if you want to post a story you don't own. To show your appreciation, we encourage users to leave votes and reviews on the gay sex stories with shemale adventures they like the most. For questions or suggestions about tranny stories, please contact us. And take a look at our collection of curated gay porn videos for a more visual experience.

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Then something incredible happens, he turns and there is the most stunningly beautiful woman he's ever seen before in his life. She's statuesque, about 30ish, with long red hair almost down to her perfectly shaped ass. She's wearing all black - a vest that pushes her beautiful breasts up into a cleavage he could lose himself in. Leather boots, a shiny leather mini skirt and fishnet stockings with spiked heels. He senses a strangely alluring quality about her. He steps towards her to introduce himself, her eyes lock with his and he feels weak in the knees. She says her name is Sasha. They drink together in the dim lit bar, share a sensuous dance. Tony can't control himself - he finds his hands starting to roam, but is quickly put in check by Sasha. There is something about this girl, something forbidden, that makes her all the more enticing. There is certainly a strong attraction. Mustering up as much courage as he can, Tony asks Sasha to go home with him. Sasha looks him over and raises one eyebrow skeptically, and finally says, "I think you'll do, but let's go to my place, it's closer." Tony's excitement grows as he follows Sasha to her home. When they get to Sasha's house.... which is a dark bungalow tucked away from the main traffic of the highway...Sasha leads him into a darkened room, and tells him to lay down on the bed. As he turns to do so, she adeptly slips a pair of shackles onto both of his wrists, then pulls on a rope, lifting his hands into the air, against the wall. Before Tony can even begin to struggle, Sasha secures the rope tightly, almost too tight, and then ties up his feet and legs as well. Tony is beginning to get nervous, and hopes that it's all a part of a joke that Bob and Chuck had worked out with her in the bar beforehand. "What is this?" he asks her, "Is this a joke?" Sasha doesn't answer, she just smiles slightly and seductively at him. He struggles against his bonds. "What are you, crazy?" he shouts louder at her. She moves towards the bed slowly, moving her hands over her full breasts, then beginning to unbutton her vest. "No, and do not speak until you are spoken to." Sasha tells him sternly. His eyes widen as he begins to realize that this is serious. A small fear begins in his head, will she kill me? Yet he can't help but goggle at her as she releases her perfectly shaped breasts, the nipples hard. He swallows nervously. "What are you going to do to me?" He whispers. Suddenly he feels a sharp sting on his leg. She cracks the whip in the air above his head. "I told you not to speak!" She shouts. She moves closer to him and starts to undress him, her nipples brushing his face and body as she removes his clothes. "You must do what I tell you, or I will have to hurt you." She whispers to him, her lips brushing his ear. He nods, what else can he do? His leg still hurt from where she hit him. She places a hood over his head, and everything goes dark, yet he can still feel her soft body against him, smell her musky perfume, and in spite of his fear, his dick hardens. Sasha backs off immediately, "Did I say it was okay for your dick to get hard?" She asks him. Afraid to speak, he shakes his head. She slaps his dick hard, and he shouts out in pain. "Bad boy." She says, then moves back to him, and starts to caress him gently. He is helpless to anything she does. Tony cannot help but to succumb to her gentle touch. Even though he's tied up, he still has a man's feelings, and it takes everything in him not to blow his wad while she caresses him and kisses him all over his body. Her lips are so soft, and her hands are cool and wonderful. Suddenly he feels a cock sliding across his exposed neck. "What the..???" he shouts, and for that she squeezes his own member painfully. "Shut up slave, and suck my fucking cock!" She yells. Wait a minute. HER cock??? His hood was roughly pulled off his head, and he saw Sasha, beautiful gorgeous Sasha, standing before him, a huge dick standing tall between her curvy legs. Tony is shocked. He had heard of shemales before, one of his buddies at school told him about them, but he had never seen one. At first he is shocked and not sure quite what to think. Yet he cant get over how great looking she is. His dick throbs even harder. Yeah, he is straight, but damn! Sasha moves closer to him, until her dick is touching his lips. "Suck me off slave." She purrs, pressing the head harder until he opens his mouth. At first he gags on it, it is so big that it is hard for him to breath. He feels her put her hand on the back of his head, to pull him further down the shaft of her cock, and he lets her. This is a new experience for Tony, and he starts enjoying the feel of her cock on his tongue and in his throat. She moans softly and slowly fucks his face. Everything starts moving faster. Sasha bucks her cock in and out of his mouth in a quicker pace. Suddenly, she cums. He feels her spunk shooting down his throat, and he swallows dutifully, actually liking the taste of it. She cums in gobs and Tony, well Tony was feeling pretty good. Sasha backs away from Tony, he gasps for air, smiling to himself. She walks to his right hand and releases it from it's bonds. "Jack off for me." She says to him. "I want to see you cum." He obliges by grabbing his throbbing cock and stroking it quickly. He is so hot that it only takes a moment before he feels himself let go. His cum shooting almost to the ceiling. He is breathless. Sasha moves back to him, and kisses him roughly on the mouth, her tongue shooting in and out like her cock had, like she was fucking his mouth with her tongue. He kisses her back, sucking on her tongue roughly. She stands up and starts to untie him. "It's time for you to go slave." She tells him. "You did your job well." He doesn't answer her. He just leaves that dark room and walks back onto the street. He thinks about the experience, probably something he wouldn't repeat. Yet he often finds himself fantasizing about Sasha as he makes love to other girls that come along in his life.

This game is related to previously published game Lust for Life. You're in the new city together with your mom. Now it's time to discover your sexuality by finding the things you like and don't like. Meet characters of both genders and have some good time with them. By the end you should become at least a shemale.

As you might expect your living in a house which is filled with hot women and you're only 23 years old. This game also contains shemale content, but you can turn it off and skip it if you want. Living in this town was really quiet and peaceful until one day one woman decided to take revenge on her cheating husband. She's a scientist and she attacked him by some virus that's spreading all around now.

I've always been attracted to shemales. I've been with one before, but I only got a blowjob. I'm excited and my cock is pulsating. In a zone, she says, "Hey sexy, you OK. Look like you zoned out on me for a minute." I'm cool. Just thinking about someone that you remind me of. She says to me, "It must have been good the way you were zoned out. What ever she did to you I could do it better. Come over here with me baby." With out hesitation I followed her. We went over in some woods just beyond the road were no one could see us. As she approached me my body started to get over joyed. She started to rub on the bulge in my pants. Damn, she said, your dick is hard as rock. I cant wait to put you in my mouth. With out hesitation she dropped to her knees, pulled my dick out and slowly engulfed ever inch til I could fell the back of her throat. The more she sucked, the sloppier it got. 041b061a72

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