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Tokyo Soul Sample Pack WAV

sensory explores hybrid boundaries of multiple genres including elements from future bass, chillout, lo-fi r&b, downtempo and laidback funk. warm subs, punchy tape saturated drums, blissful melodic leads & soulful keyboard licks really make this pack an indispensable production tool for any modern day producer.

Tokyo Soul Sample Pack WAV


mbs kp5 is a warm and atmospheric sample pack for edm, house and any other genre. the collection includes 2 moods which can be played in tandem or used separately, either with their original audio stems or better still, fully re-layered and multi-layered with your favourite drum and vocal samples from the pack. mbs kp5 is loaded with all the vibe of 80s / rnb, with noticeable sub bass and influences of tropical/house, funk / soul and hip hop.

inspiration is everywhere, its in our atmosphere, our culture, our music and most importantly it's in our sound. if we just glance over a shoulder, take in a sunset and feel the earth beneath our feet, we can become one with the world and sense the oneness. it's like a sensory education, or immersion into the future, or like utopia, but in sound. welcome to the future of creating timeless dance music.

the common thread between these sounds is their warm soul, they all have rich melodies and warm chord progressions. capturing all of these feels and emotions, and making it sound naturally, without any effort, is the job of a skilled and experienced sample pack producer. the mbs kp3 sample pack is a collection of some of these sounds, in a way we have created a digital hear. it is going to take you back to a time of androgyny, cyborgs and futurism, taking you through sci-fi, animation and even to the future of electronic dance music. it's like a sonic journey in an age where all things are connected and things are changing.

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