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Single Street

Single Street is a hamlet in the London Borough of Bromley in Greater London, located between Luxted and Berry's Green,[1] and centred around a street of the same name.[2] The first record of a settlement under the name 'Single Street' is from an Ordnance Survey map in 1871,[2] but its name is derived from sengel, an Old English word meaning 'burnt clearing'.It is part of the largest ward in Greater London, Darwin (ward), covering a rural area including Downe, Cudham, Leaves Green, Berry's Green, and Westerham Hill.

Single Street

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On Sunday, Vosshall crossed the Agate Pass Bridge, the last segment of his journey. The final stats: 341 total miles, 34,551 feet climbed to cover more than 500 streets. It took him 52 hours over the course of about nine weeks, he said.

He discovered plenty about his island home. His favorite street name: Laughing Salmon Lane. The most enjoyable run: an 18-mile route near Rolling Bay after a snowstorm dumped on the region last month. He watched kids sledding on side streets and people digging out, trying to get back to normal life.

I left the surfer and his rage and continued south along the Great Highway, skirting the Pacific Ocean, toward the southern border of San Francisco. I was 13 miles into what I had estimated would exceed 1,300 miles to run every single street in a city that measures barely seven-by-seven-miles square.

On Arleta Avenue, I chased down an older gentleman who had accidentally dropped a shirt on his way to the cleaner. His tall frame moved slowly. Unlike most of us out on the street, he was not wearing a mask.

Having run all of the north-south streets of Potrero Hill the previous day, the following day I planned to click off all of the east-west streets in the same area. Located just south of downtown and adjacent to some of the oldest docks on the West Coast, Potrero Hill sits apart from the other hills in the city. Though only 300 feet tall, the hill boasts some of the steepest streets and deepest history.

I crossed the streets, one after another: Vermont, Kansas, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Connecticut, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan. I reached the Bay and turned around.

South on 34th Avenue, the streets descend alphabetically through the historic surnames that helped shape the city in its early years: Irving, Judah, Kirkham, Lawton, Moraga, Noriega, Ortega, Pacheco, Quintara, Rivera, Santiago, Taraval, Ulloa, Vicente, Wawona.

In running every street in this city, I forced myself to observe the good and bad on equal levels. In pursuing this project, I positioned myself within the depths of this human wilderness where hope is everything and hope is nothing.

Southern Land Company (SLC), a national real estate developer of award-winning mixed-use developments and master-planned communities, and Mural Arts Philadelphia, a public art program that unites artists and communities, unveiled the largest single street art installation in Center City at 1620 Sansom Street on September 21. To celebrate this immersive art installation, SLC and Mural Arts Philadelphia held a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by guided public tours of the art conducted by artist curator Conrad Benner, founder of Streets Dept Walls.

Over the last decade these gentlemen have burned down houses the world over with their explosive fire ceremony and have amassed a cult-like following all their own with a tough to beat reputation for being one of the finest live acts on the road today. Written and recorded against a backdrop of political tension, riots in the streets and a deeply uncertain future, Street Sermons is a testament to triumph over adversity.

As the Covid-19 lockdowns come to an end, I wanted to write something different from the usual and so today I will look back at how I spent some of my free time. Many of us took on new activities and projects; one of mine was to walk every single street in the City of London.

The red lines showing the streets I walked, so I can now state with a 99% confidence level that I walked every street, lane, alley, square, circus, court and yard in the City of London, of which there are more than a hundred. (Note there are no Roads in the City of London).

The fact that the City of London was settled in AD 50 by invading Romans is well known, what is less well known is that some of streets that exist today are on the same location as gravel streets that existed in AD 50.

Behind it, there was little more than a hole in the ground where a house had stood. Across the street, the tidy homes on this cul-de-sac were reduced to mounds of lumber. Clothes hung from the branches of snapped trees. The walls of one house were gone, and the only thing left standing inside was a white Christmas tree.

When a tornado touched down in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in the middle of the night, its violence was centered on this friendly subdivision, where everyone waved at one another and giggling children spent afternoons tooling around on bicycles on the sidewalks. Fourteen people died in a few blocks, 11 of them on a single street, Moss Creek Avenue. Entire families were lost, among them seven children, two of them infants. Neighbors who survived are so stricken with grief they struggle to speak of it. All around them, amid the ruins, is evidence of the kids they used to watch climb off the school bus.

Like all big cities, San Francisco has a dense grid pattern of streets. The planning challenge is working out how to run them all, while minimising repetition. Get that wrong and the distance quickly increases. Otte has helped calculate and plot the complex route.

Use the links below to download the LION geographic base file of New York City streets. This file was generated from the 23A release of the Department of City Planning's LION file which is used in conjunction with other data files in the generation of the Geosupport System (see the Geosupport Desktop Edition). For the previous LION releases, see the BYTES of the BIG APPLE archive.

An analysis of the dynamics of the flow over a street canyon immersed in an atmospheric boundary layer is presented, using particle image velocimetry measurements in a wind tunnel. Care was taken to generate a 1:200 model scale urban type boundary layer that is correctly scaled to the size of the canyon buildings. Using proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) of the velocity field and conditional averaging techniques, it is first shown that the flow above the opening of the canyon consists of a shear layer separating from the upstream obstacle, animated by a coherent flapping motion and generating large-scale vortical structures. These structures are alternately injected into the canyon or shed off the obstacle into the outer flow. It is shown that unsteady fluid exchanges between the canyon and the outer flow are mainly driven by the shear layer. Finally, using POD, the non-linear interaction between the large-scale structures of the oncoming atmospheric boundary layer and the flow over the canyon is demonstrated.

Along the way, Crafts has meticulously tracked her progress with an extensive color-coded spreadsheet and a paper map colored in blue, the highlighted streets slowly creeping across the city like frost forming on a window.

For the Bemidji High School grads, they were inspired by fellow runner Rickey Gates to take up the challenge of running every single street within Bemidji city limits. Gates, who is a professional ultrarunner, ran every single street in the city of San Francisco in 2018.

Over the course of this project, Schofer learned a mundane fact that suddenly became a defining factor in his life: DC has a ton of alleys. CityStrides, the app Schofer used to track his progress, estimates that DC has 2,023 public streets, but the number of alleys is unknown.

Mejia is including any signed or named street as part of his quest. That means public ways on Peaks, Cliff and Great Diamond Islands, as well as all the named lanes in Evergreen Cemetery, are part of it.

Introduction and aims: Street service care providers in Queensland, Australia are organisations tasked with assisting vulnerable individuals and aiding intoxicated patrons that are at risk of harm in night-time entertainment precincts (NEP). Members of these organisations patrol NEPs and provide services, such as first aid, to individuals in need. There has been no research conducted on their impact on crime, injuries and on the duties of Australian frontline service resources (e.g. police and ambulance services). This study evaluated the introduction of a single street service care in the Cairns NEP on police-recorded assaults, emergency department injury presentations and ambulance service utilisation during high-alcohol hours.

Design and methods: Police-recorded assaults (common and serious), emergency department injury presentations and ambulance attendances for the Cairns suburbs were examined. Autoregressive integrated moving average time series analyses were used to determine the impact of street service care on monthly counts for each dataset.

Discussion and conclusions: This study provides preliminary evidence that street service care may help to decrease assaults within a single NEP. However, further research investigating the impact of street services in larger cities, and determining what other roles the service may be able to play in preventing alcohol-related harm, is needed.

Please report all street light malfunctions to the Department of Public Works by calling 301-600-1440. When you call please be prepared to give an exact location of the street light and a description of the street light malfunction.

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