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You Have Requested : House.of.Cards.S04E08.MP4.... ^HOT^

After testing over 50 torrent sites, I found the top 12 alternatives to The Pirate Bay. Most of these sites verify their torrents and have a history of being reliable. But even the best torrent sites are risky, so I strongly recommend using a powerful VPN with one.

You have requested : House.of.Cards.S04E08.MP4....

YTS (also known as YIFY) is the best Pirate Bay alternative for high-quality movies. It has a global community of 75 million active users and contains a vast range of films. Most films are in 1080p, despite the file size being relatively small, making the site great for fast downloads even if you have a slow connection. But you can pair YTS with a VPN that allows you to bypass ISP bandwidth throttling for even faster download speeds. 041b061a72

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