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Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition Rush Hour Expansion Without Human Verification

I play Simcity 4 every once in a while, unfortunately, I do not have the deluxe version with the Rush Hour expansion, just the original version, unfortunately. I don't think I play enough to make tracking down and buying, on Ebay or wherever, worth it.

Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition Rush Hour Expansion Without Human Verification

I've played, I think, about ten hours of this now and I'm kinda loving it. It pisses me off to no end that there's no legit single player mode. I don't want to start a server and make it invite-only if I want to be offline, playing on my own in a large area without worrying about creating other cities just so I can get unpolluted water. But, that aside, it's great fun. Not had a single issue server wise and it runs brilliantly. As far as online goes, I'm in a region with three friends and we're all packed in cities next to each other. While I want offline single player in a single, large city, it's nice to zoom out and see their cities growing next to mine or actually visiting them if I want to.It does amuse me though that someone can be complaining that their husband died of a broken arm then accidentally set their house on fire, and then immediately forgive me for not having healthcare and a slow fire service because I built a basketball park across the street.I also got Mass Effect 3 for free, but I almost took SimCity 4 Deluxe instead. For funsies.

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